Filmekimi's 17th edition runs 5 - 14 October in Istanbul.

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Filmekimi will be the leading cinema event of October, as it is each year, with a programme consisting of films that were shown and awarded in leading world festivals as well as highly anticipated new productions. Filmekimi will be held for 10 days between 5-14 October in Istanbul. Filmekimi will continue to present the best and most recent films of the year to film lovers in Ankara and İzmir as well. 

The 17th edition of Filmekimi films will be screened at four movie theatres in İstanbul: Atlas and Beyoğlu movie theatres in Beyoğlu district, Cinemaximum City’s in Nişantaşı, and Rexx movie theatre in Kadıköy. The detailed information about the films, the entire programme, the schedule and all other details are announced on the official Filmekimi website.

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