Things to Do in Ortaköy

Ortaköy is a district of Beşiktaş on the shores of the Bosphorus with one of the best views in Istanbul.

Ortaköy is located in the district of Beşiktaş, on the shores of the Bosphorus, with one of the best views in Istanbul. The symbol of Ortaköy is its mosque and its surrounding square. When you come here, you should certainly not miss following things:

  • Drink tea in one of Ortaköy’s many cafes along the Bosphorus
  • Taste one of Ortaköy’s famous and delicious ”Kumpirs” – baked and stuffed potatoes
  • Walk around Ortaköy’s crowded, exciting market during the weekend
  • Take a tour of the Bosphorus on one of the boats leaving from the Ortaköy harbor
  • Check out one of the many charming shops located throughout Ortaköy’s backstreets
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