Istanbul Commerce University (İstanbul Ticaret Üniversitesi)

Istanbul Commerce University is one of the first non-profit private universities in Turkey, established by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce,

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Istanbul Commerce University is one of the first non-profit private universities in Turkey, established by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, one of the most powerful chambers of the world. Istanbul Commerce University’s educational adventure began with 73 students in 2001 and continues today with over 7.000 students in undergraduate, postgraduate and vocational schools with academic staff numbering more than 400. Istanbul Commerce University is a reputable university which has placed its signature under hundreds of national and international publications, wins prizes in various fields, and participates in EU projects with its growing numbers of academic staff and quality education.

Istanbul Commerce University connects the academic world and business world with the support of a strong institution Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, with experience of 132 year history and the power generated by businessmen representing majority of the Turkish economy, provides the university every opportunity to fulfill its students’ needs and expectations and also mentor students for business world.

As one of the most visited cities on the world; İstanbul historically has been the most important gate of Turkey and the country’s economic, cultural, and historical heart. Istanbul Commerce University is an urban university with 3 campuses located in central and distinguished districts on both Anatolian and European coasts of Istanbul.

Istanbul Commerce University adopts the concepts “Local Identity, Global Vision” as a principle and aims to be an international university via Erasmus Plus, Farabi and Global Experience Exchange Programs. Along with the number of international cooperation agreements , the number of international students enrolled in ICU’s undergraduate and graduate programs and the number of ICU students visiting various universities abroad increase each year.

Istanbul Commerce University comprises 29 undergraduate programs under 6 Faculties, English Language Preparatory Department, Vocational School, 40 master’s and 15 doctorate programs under 3 Graduate Schools and 18 Research ve Application Centers.

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

• Psychology (%30 in English)

• Sociology

Faculty of Commercial Sciences

• Business Administration (Turkish & %100 in English)

• Economics (Turkish & %100 in English)

• International Trade (%30 in English)

• Banking and Finance (%30 in English)

• Political Science and International Relations (%30 in English)

• Accounting and Control

Faculty of Law

• Law

Faculty of Communication

• Media and Communication Systems

• Public Relations

• Visual Communication Design

Faculty of Engineering and Design

• Industrial Engineering

• Computer Engineering

• Fashion and Textile Design (NEW)

• Interior Design and Environment Design (%30 in English)

• Mechatronics Engineering (%100 in English)

• Electrical-Electronics Engineering (% 100 in English)

• Jewelry Engineering ( %100 in English)

• Industrial Design (NEW)

• Architecture (NEW)

Faculty of Applied Sciences

• International Logistics (%30 in English)

• Civil Air Transportation Management

• Printing and Publishing Production Technologies

• Tourism Management (%30 in English)

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