Istanbul Shopping Fest

The 7th Shopping Fest at Istanbul, one of Europe’s most mesmerizing cities, offers you the perfect opportunity for the ultimate ‘Istanbul’ experience and a shopping spree in between 1-16 July.

The 8th Shopping Fest at Istanbul, one of Europe’s most mesmerising cities, offers you the perfect opportunity for the ultimate ‘Istanbul’ experience and a shopping spree. The festival will take place in June and will be offering great discounts and offers along with amusing events that will give you the chance to explore Istanbul.

Blending Istanbul’s rich history, culture, culinary arts, shopping and entertainment in one great event, the 8th Istanbul Shopping Fest will held from in June this year. You’ll enjoy countless exciting experiences that will conquer both your heart and mind and take on a great unforgettable adventure during your a month at Istanbul, one of the most stunning cities in the world. A melting pot of oriental essence and Western dynamism, Istanbul is an alluring land with something to offer everyone. This time, Istanbul will be opening its gates for you to a world full of shopping, entertainment and surprises with Istanbul Shopping Fest.

Enjoy countless shopping privileges with great discounts and offers on plenty of brands during the Istanbul Shopping Fest. You’ll also get the chance to join surprise raffles giving away amazing gifts. This year, Istanbul Shopping Fest is spreading the festivities and love of shopping to every corner of the city; enjoy concerts, competitions and exclusive fashion shows at central spots around the city, not only in shopping centres. This time, Istanbul will be welcoming you to modern shopping centres with colourful lanes, offering everything you’re looking under one roof for discounted prices, and entertaining surprises! And, of course, this beautiful city will invite you to enjoy new experiences and adventures in every corner worth exploring.  

Circle 8-24 June 2018 on your calendar if you want to experience a true festival, explore a new lifestyle and live the ultimate shopping experience and come to Istanbul to discover everything it has to offer!

Please visit the festival website to get the latest news on all the surprises planned for Istanbul Shopping Fest.

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