Istanbul Shopping Fest

The Istanbul Shopping Fest (ISF), which began with the goal of making Istanbul a note fashion and shopping center alongside its cultural and historical significance, will take place for the sixth time in 2016.

Istanbul Shopping Fest, which makes Istanbul a shopping and entertainment center  along with its history, culture and gastronomy, will be held on July 1-31, 2016 for the sixth consecutive time.

Shopping is the common language of the whole world. It is an exciting and passionate adventure that blends with reason and heart. The Orient’s mystery merges with the West’s dynamism in Istanbul.

Istanbul, being  one of the most eye-catching cities  in the world,  will host Istanbul Shopping Fest for the fifth time  this year with enthusiasm and thrill as the passion for shopping and entertainment doesn’t need  time and place. The essence of this festival will be all over the flamboyant streets, shopping centers each with its unique beauty and sparkling nights of Istanbul. With advantageous campaigns and discounts offered by the most prestigious brands, this festival will be rife with  sumptuous opening ceremonies, concerts, fashion shows, street parties, a variety of events, activities and promotions.

We invite you to discover the festive enthusiasm of Istanbul on July 1-31, 2016.

Please note it in your agenda and don’t be just an onlooker. Please participate in Istanbul Shopping Fest and experience this unique opportunity .



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