In Pursuit of the Present


Rebel Images – Sergey Parajanov

orm by his unbridled imagination and documentaries that showcase the testimonies more

Fiddler On The Roof

to Zorlu PSM with its own production in 2018. more

Points of View


Louis Kahn Re/Framed

inker, artist, and an “architectural guru” who is considered among the leading figures of 20th-century architecture. more

Black Noise

, the functionlessness, the poetry, the occasional meaninglessness, and sometimes on the power of sound, as a means of artistic expression, in various different spheres. more

Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge

aköy section of the Northern Marmara Motorway project. more

Madame Tussauds Istanbul


Dialogue in Silence


People Attract People

from Turkey, the photographs of Turkey shot over a period of eighty years. more

Masters of Cinema in Turkey: Lütfi Akad


Hilton İstanbul Bosphorus Lobby Lounge & Bar


Veranda Bar&Terrace


Bosphorus Terrace Restaurant



all types of organizations with its closed and open areas. more

Sait Halim Pasha Mansion

s, meetings, conferences, weddings, gala dinners, special events and more with the history and 19th-century Ottoman culture experience in the heart of Istanbul. more

Turkish Pastırma wrapped mozzarella cheese recipe from Executive Chef Alexis Atlamazoglu, Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus


Haluska recipe from Ahmet Arslan, Hilton Istanbul Kozyatağı



with IKSV. more

Bangarra Dance Theatre – ‘Spirit’

er 40,000 years of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture infused with contemporary movement. more

Kebap Tasting recipe from Chef Yannis Manikis, Hilton Bomonti


Salon IKSV


Orientalist Painting Collection

ntalist Painting Collection. more

Beyazgül Dance Show




Flying Fruit Fly Circus


The Arts of Book and Calligraphy Collection

k (Horse Mansion) with a new design and a contemporary display more

“Past and Future”

memory, and their role in shaping the future by their commitment to collecting and preserving works of art. more

Stuffed Melon recipe from Chef Kadir Yılmaz, The Matbah Restaurant


Hacı Bozan Oğulları Restaurant

ustomers with quality service in Marmara Hall, Harran Hall, Vip Lounge, Piny Garden used in summer, playground, prayer room and specifical parking area . more

Cemile Sultan Korusu (Cemile Sultan Estate Park)


Summit Bar & Terrace

iew above and beyond the Istanbul skyline. more

Manzara Restaurant


Istanbul SEA LIFE Aquarium


Dialogue in the Dark Istanbul

ly constructed dark rooms in which scent, sound, wind, temperature and texture convey the characteristics of daily environments – for example a park, a city, a boat cruise or a bar. more

Cultural Interactions Point

n as possible about other cultures, and to enhance cross-cultural communication, to break down prejudices, to correct misinformation, and to familiarize guests with the local culture, Cultural Interactions Point welcomes visitors for different organizations. more

Göksu Marine Restaurant & Cafe

ts famous Turkish hospitality and welcoming service. more

Hasan Balıkçılar


Restaurant 34


Salon IKSV


Topkapı Palace Kitchens Exhibition Halls “MATBAH-I AMİRE”


Nar Restaurant


Karaköy Güllüoğlu


Hafız Mustafa


Matbah Restaurant


Istanbul Convention & Exhibition Centre (İstanbul Lütfi Kırdar Uluslararası Kongre ve Sergi Sarayı)

orus view. more

Halic Congress Center (Haliç Kongre Merkezi)

districts of the city. more

İstanbul Congress Center (İstanbul Kongre Merkezi)

ing the organization the shining star of Turkey in the regional and international arena. more

İstanbul Expo Center (İstanbul Fuar Merkezi)


Grand Cevahir Hotel & Convention Center


WOW Convention Center (WOW Kongre Merkezi)



ess since 1985. more

Aşşk Kahve




Big Plate

rk. more

Emporio Armani Ristorante

ve city life. more


that reflects Istanbul’s vision. more

Sortie Club & Restaurant


Tom’s Kitchen İstanbul

anary Wharf and Somerset House in London, UK. more

Numnum Cafe & Restaurant

ildren and teenagers could happily co-exist under the same roof more

Nusr-Et Steakhouse (Etiler)


Nusr-Et Burger (Nişantaşı)

spices and special bread. more

Nusr-Et Burger (Bebek)

spices and special bread. more


pened its doors in Turkey in 1995, and, since then, it has been a venue for satisfying the desire of Turkish diners for a fine, around-the-clock dining experience. more

MEZZALUNA (İstinye Park)

pened its doors in Turkey in 1995, and, since then, it has been a venue for satisfying the desire of Turkish diners for a fine, around-the-clock dining experience. more

MEZZALUNA (Acarkent)

pened its doors in Turkey in 1995, and, since then, it has been a venue for satisfying the desire of Turkish diners for a fine, around-the-clock dining experience. more

Divan Pub (Erenköy)


Divan Brasserie (Bebek)


Carlotta – Cafe & Deli (Maslak)


Carlotta – Cafe & Deli (Buyaka)


Before leading to Rome, “all roads were leading to Constanstinople in Asia”

roads leaving Constantinople during the Byzantine period. more




ing the delicious recipes of both the world and Turkish cuisine and feeling at home by the warm atmosphere. more









Frankie İstanbul

s . more

Da Mario




A’JIA Restaurant




Dogus University (Doğuş Üniversitesi)


Dream of Turkey


Sarkis’ Rainbow




Dragon Restaurant


Köfteci Mirza




Madam Despina




Vefa Bozacısı


Asitane Restaurant


Galata Kiva


Ciya Sofrasi


Shop till you drop


Konyalı Lokantası

a central-Anatolian Konya family for four generations... more

Kanaat Lokantası


Hacı Abdullah


RBMA Radio Festival


Salt Beyoğlu

reet level and domestic residences on its upper floors, the building opened under the name Siniossoglou Apartment. more

Masumiyet Müzesi (The Museum of Innocence)

the objects from daily life described in the author's eponymous novel. Built by Nobel prize winner Orhan Pamuk more

TÜRVAK Cinema-TV & Theatre Museum

ion for 55 years, founded the Turkey’s first and only cinema and theatre museum, TÜRVAK, in 2001. more

Rezan Has Müzesi (Rezan Has Museum)

the European Nostra Award more

TIM Show Center

ral life more

Doğançay Müzesi (Doğançay Museum)

lu, thus becoming the first contemporary art museum and the first monograph museum in Turkey. more

Dikilitaş (Egyptian Obelisk)


Istanbul Bilgi University (Istanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi)

Education and Culture Foundation on 1996. more

Naval Museum Reopens

on both sheds light on Turkish naval history and reflects the grandeur of Ottoman Empire with its historical galleys and imperial caiques. more

Valikonağı Caddesi (Valikonagi Avenue)


Istıklal Caddesi (Istiklal Avenue)

Byzantine times and it has been one of İstanbul’s most important shopping destinations since the 19th century. more

Bağdat Caddesi (Bagdat Avenue)

hopping. more

Halaskargazi Caddesi (Halaskargazi Avenue)

inesses and sights. more

İlancılık Advertising Agency

an indispensable part of the world economy. more

Vefa Bozacısı

he new millennium, meeting the demands of the clients and customers, in accordance with their good palate for fine products. more

Tevfik Aydın

mers since 1889. more

Koska Helvacısı (Mahir Gıda)


Koska (Merter Helva)

ar, moved to İstanbul with his sons in 1931 and opened a shop in Koska district. In a short time, their delicious halva and desserts became quite popular. more


ll and humble restaurant with four tables in Sirkeci, with the name “Konya Lezzet Lokantası” on its sign in 1897. more

Karaköy Güllüoğlu

Güllü on 7/11/ 1949 opened the first baklava shop in Istanbul in Halilpaşa Street no: 12 in Karaköy. From that day on, the first address of baklava in Istanbul has always been the Güllüoğlu shop in Karaköy. more


ctors now include the 6th generation members of the family, has been providing the construction, mining, transportation and agriculture sectors in Turkey with the most advanced technological products of the world. more

Hafız Mustafa Confectionary

, economic and technological changes and developments are worth giving attention to. more

Emgen Optik



r when the first settlement was founded on the slopes of a prong-shaped (çatal) mountain. more

Büyük Çamlıca Korusu (Great Çamlıca Estate Park)

which is the larger of the two hills found between Üsküdar and Ümraniye. more

Gözdağ Korusu (Gözdağ Estate Park)

decks, children’s playgrounds and walkways making the grove an ideal place for those wishing to naturally recharge their batteries any day of the week. more

Fethipaşa Korusu (Fethi Paşa Estate Park)

d extends to the upper reaches of Kuzguncuk and Paşalimanı. It is known as the area’s oxygen tank. more

Hidiv Korusu (Viceroy’s Estate Park)

the Egyptian Viceroy, Ismail Pasha. It was used during the Ottoman era as a hunting ground. A summer house was built on the estate by the last Egyptian Viceroy, Abbas Hilmi Pasha. more

Osman Gazi Korusu (Osman Gazi Estate Park)


Ece Ajandaları

own. Like many of his colleagues in the publishing and stationery sector, he opened his stationery store AFİTAP in 1892 in Beyazıt, which was the heart of the sector in the multi-ethnic Ottoman Empire. more


st and reliable consultancy and attorney services for the settlement of domestic and international disputes in the fields of brand, patent, industrial design and other intellectual and industrial property related areas. more


ud player and hafiz, opened his first candy shop in Şehzadebaşı in 1883, when he was 16 years old and studying music at the same time. more

Bebek Badem Ezmesi

e shop was first founded in Mudanya by the grandfather of Sevim İşgüder, who still runs the shop today. more

Galata Tower (Galata Kulesi)


Taksim Square (Taksim Meydanı)

ion point for water coming from the Belgrade Forest. Taksim means division or distribution in Turkish. more

Yılanlı Sütun (Serpent Column)

drome. The pillar is decorated with three intertwining snakes which wind up the column and around each other. more

Şehzade Mehmet Külliyesi (Şehzade Mehmet Complex)

gnificent for a son who died at a young age. more

Örme Dikilitaş (Column of Constantine Porphyrogenitus)

ahmet Square next to the Serpent Column. more

Milion Pillar (Milyon Taşı)

roads leaving Constantinople during the Byzantine period. more

Kıztaşı (Column of the Maiden)

in 455 C.E. more

III. Ahmet Sebili ve Çeşmesi (Fountain of Ahmet III)

Ahmet III on the spot of the Byzantine “Perayton” fountain. more

Hippodrome (Hipodrom)

the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman periods, the original hippodrome was first built by the Emperor Septimus Severus in 203 C.E. more

Ayasofya Hürrem Sultan Hamamı (Ayasofya Hurrem Sultan Turkish Bath)

of the architect Sinan. more

Çemberlitaş (Constantine’s Column)

(there are seven) in 330 C.E. Also known as the Burnt Column (Turkish: Yanık Sütun), it was constructed from 8 separate columns - each weighing three tons and measuring three meters in diameter - which were placed one on top of another, joined by bands, and mounted on a pedestal. The existing column is shorter than the original. more

Bozdoğan Kemeri (Valens Aqueduct)

ter section of this impressive structure which brought water to the city for 15 centuries across the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods, still stands today. more

Binbirdirek Sarnıcı (Binbirdirek Cistern)

ntury, the cistern is supported by 224 columns. more

Alman Çeşmesi (German Fountain)


Sahaflar Çarşısı (Secondhand Book Bazaar)


Princes’ Islands



fered restaurants in the region, in the evening hours one can dine to the accompaniment of soft music whilesitting in Venge’s summer garden. more

Yıldız Park

belonged to a family and was known as the Kazancıoğlu Garden. more

Ulus Park

can see the Bosphorus Bridge, Topkapı Palace and Üsküdar from here. more

Sanatçı Park

ches of the arts, from cinema to music. Designed with particular emphasis on artists who are no longer living, the goal of the park is to introduce these artists to new generations. more

Maçka Demokrasi Park

ley comes from the 19th century when the area along the stream running through the valley was used as a recreation spot. more

Fenerbahçe Park

tanbul. On the shore of the Marmara Sea, and popular among locals - particularly during the weekends - one can also find many seaside cafes here. more

Bebek Park

itutional Era. more

Yedikule (Fortress of the Seven Towers or Istanbul Walls)

Century C.E and the walls were knocked down and repaired many times in the course of their history. more

Elgiz Çağdaş Sanatlar Müzesi (Proje 4L – Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art)

vate and public contemporary and modern art museums to be found in Istanbul. more

Istanbul Aquarium

n. The aquarium follows a geographical progression, with 16 different themes including the Bosphorus, the Red Sea, the Panama Canal and the Rain Forests. There are over 15,000 sea and land animals found here. more

Sinan Paşa Camiisi (Sinan Pasa Mosque)

aşa, the chief admiral of the Ottoman fleet, between the years 1550-53. The mosque was finished two years after Sinan Paşa’s death in 1555. more

Mecidiye Camii ( Mecidiye Mosque)

terior with wide and tall windows. more

Tevfikiye Camiisi (Tevfikiye Mosque)

f his son Şehzade Tevfik in 1832 inside of a large garden. more

Rumeli Hisarı Ali Pertek Camii (Rumeli Hisarı Ali Pertek Mosque)


Seyyid Nizam Camiisi (Seyyid Nizam Mosque)

the lodge was closed in 1925 the space began to be used as a mosque. more

Nusretiye Camii (Nusretiye Mosque)

sque. more

Rum Mehmet Paşa Camiisi (Rum Mehmet Pasa Mosque)

zantine temple here. This was the first large mosque built by the Ottomans in Üsküdar. more

Osmanağa Camii (Osmanaga Mosque)

cit - which had gradually fallen into disrepair - once stood. more

Merkez Efendi Camii (Merkez Efendi Mosque)

commissioned by Süleyman the Great. After the death of Merkez Efendi the mosque that bears his name was built in his memory between 1552-1572. more

Molla Çelebi Camiisi (Molla Celebi Mosque)

naming it he chose to use his other name, “Molla Çelebi.” more

Teşvikiye Camiisi (Tesvikiye Mosque)

was called the Haseki Square and Ottoman Sultans occasionally visited here for excursions and sporting activities. more

Pertevniyal Valide Sultan Camiisi ( Pertevniyal Valide Sultan Mosque)

he wife of Sultan Mahmud II and the mother of Sultan Abdülaziz. Finished in 1871, the mosque’s architect was the Italian Monteni. more

Edirnekapı Mihrimah Sultan Camii ( Edirnekapi Mihrimah Sultan Mosque)

Sinan. more

Rüstem Paşa Camiisi (Rustem Pasa Mosque)

y defined both the period and the architect himself. more

Sultan Mustafa III Iskele Camiisi (Sultan Mustafa III Iskele Mosque)

kele Mosque. more

Nuru Osmaniye Camii (Nuru Osmaniye Mosque)


Sadabad/Çağlayan Camii (Sadabad/Caglayan Mosque)


Murat Paşa Camiisi (Murat Pasa Mosque)


Selmanağa Camiisi (Selmanaga Mosque)

slave girls in the palace in 1506. more

Zihni Paşa Camiisi (Zihni Pasa Mosque)

with the goal of making it larger. more

Sümbül Efendi Camiisi (Sumbul Efendi Mosque)

a as a monastery for girls. more


nated by the family in order to provide housing to poor Greek Christians. more

Vogue Restaurant

its menu offers a range of dishes from world cuisine, alongside classic Mediterranean fare. more

The Villa Bosphorus Fish Restaurant

enjoying a beautiful view of the Bosphorus. more

Viktor Levi


Vega Restaurant

e enjoying a great view of the Prince Islands. more

Şehzade Taksim

- "Şehzade Salon'' and "Şehzade Teras" - each with its own particular menu and decor. more

Hamdi Restaurant

re he began to cook and sell kebabs with the flavors of home. more

Çamlıca Dilek Restaurant

nd on its terrace, its menu offers a diverse range of flavours. more

Hanedan Restaurantları

ticket for those who want to sit and dine across from the Bosphorus for reasonable prices. more

Ulus 29

decor designed by the world famous Zeynep Padılıoğlu, it dazes its guests with a view that takes in both of Istanbul’s major bridges. more

Uludağ Et Lokantası

ab and the Uludağ köfte, while dishes like rice with mushroom and oven-baked mushroom are sure to whet the appetite. more

Topaz Restaurant

” it has an unmatched view of the Bosphorus. more

SushiCo Restaurant

s are its sushi rolls, chicken with ginger sauce, beef with asparagus, salmon in teriyaki sauce, and its fried ice cream. more

Paper Moon

k and Istanbul after its early triumph in Milan. Since 1986, the Italian restaurant has been serving diners in Akmerkez Shopping Center in Etiler. more

On Numara Maçka

erent alternatives for its guests. With its peaceful space in Maçka, is the ideal spot for those who want to get away from the crowds and all the hustle and bustle of the city and relax for a couple of hours. more

Liman Lokantası

n unmatched view of the Bosphorus and Historical Peninsula, it is one of the most popular restaurants in the area. more

Hasan Kolcuoğlu Restaurant

y, the first of which opened in1946. In 1963 the name was shortened to Kolcuoğlu and since 1974 has spread all over Turkey. more

Harvard Cafe & Restaurant


Event Garden Restaurant

are meters and has 5 different gardens, and has the capacity to host anywhere from 50 to 20,000 people. more

Bistro 33 Erenköy

urdays and at 09:00 on Sundays, it offers a morning breakfast service and later in the day it serves up the special flavors of Tuscan cuisine. more

Beylerbeyi Doğa Restaurant


Anjelique Restaurant

ualed view of the water. more

Alemdar Restaurant

. more

Albatros Restaurant