Climate & Nature



Istanbul experiences all four seasons and every season has its advantages and disadvantages. The best times to visit Istanbul is either in the Spring or Autumn, when the weather is the most mild. For those who do not like very cold or hot weather it it suggested to visit between April and June or between September and October. Surrounded by water, the city is generally humid. During the months of July and August it is hot and steamy; Chilly winds begin in November and Winter is often snowy which gives the city a magical look.

Average temperatures
January 3-8°C July 18-28°C
February 2-9°C August 19-28°C
March 3-11°C September 16-24°C
April 7-16°C October 13-20°C
May 12-21°C November 9-15°C
June 16-25°C December 5-11°C


It is not only Istanbul's history, culture and cuisine that makes it so appealing. The natural wonders of this giant city spread across two continents spring from its place along the Bosporus, the Golden Horne, and the Marmara and Black Seas. These locations provide you with an easy escape from the noise and crowds of the city and an opportunity to return to nature. For those with a longing for nature there are parks, gardens, forests, beaches and islands in the city which are easily accessible.

Between April and May the Judas Trees color the Bosporus purple, and the Tulip Festival that also takes place in April is particularly worth a vist.

The best way to escape the crowds inside the city is in the parks. Yıldız Park, Gülhane Park, Emirgan Park, Fethi Paşa Wood, Ulus Park, and Fenerbahçe Park are the places that the city breathes. The horse carriages, two and three story garden houses and pine forests of the Prince Islands continue in their traditional vibrancy despite all of the hustle and bustle of the city across the sea.

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