Fenerbahçe was founded nearly a century ago in the province of Kadiköy in Istanbul. The founders were Mr. Nurizade Ziya Songülen, Mr. Ayetullah and Mr. Necip Okaner. This group of individuals founded the club secretly in order to keep a low profile and not get into any trouble with the strict Ottoman rule. So strict in fact that the Sultan, Abdulhamit the 2nd, forbid that Turkish youth set up a club or engage in the game of football, then played by the English families who they watched in envy. After the first meeting of the founders however, Nurizade Ziya Songülen is elected the first President, whilst Mr. Ayetullah is the General Secretary and Mr Necip Okaner assumes General Captaincy. The first emblem of the club is the Lighthouse which is situated on Fenerbahçe cape whilst the first colours of the club are the colours of the daffodils, white and yellow, scattered around the Fenerbahçe peninsula. The emblem and colours were to be changed in 1910 when the badge was redesigned by Topuz Hikmet and the colours were changed as Yellow and Navy. Until a change of legislation in 1908, Fenerbahçe’s activities are run under strict secrecy. After this date however, the new law requires that clubs must register in order to exist legally. From that day on, the club was to take its place amongst the top of the Turkish club’s and achieve much success. Fenerbahçe Spor Kulübü first football team included Asaf, Ziya Hasan, Sami, Ayetullah, Mazhar, Necip Fethi, Galip, Huseyin, Hasan and Nevzat. This team joined the Istanbul League in 1909 but achieved nothing in its first three seasons. In the 1912-1913 season a team with Ali Said, Galip, Arif, Izzi, Huseyin, Sabri, Hikmet, Said, Hasan Kamil, Nuri and Mico win the first championship of the club. Apart from being the first championship it had more significance as it was won without a single defeat throughout the season. Atatürk and Fenerbahçe The founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was a Fenerbahce supporter. On the 10th of August, after a 3-3 draw against Galatasaray in the Gazi Cup Ataturk was with three Galatasaray and 2 Fenerbahce supporters who were sitting next to him, where he was quoted: "We are three on three here, because I’m a Fenerbahce supporter too". When the club’s building at Kusdili burnt down, the first donation for a new building came from our great leader Ataturk. Ataturk has also visited the club and has signed the book of honour where he wrote the following sentence: "I was informed about Fenerbahce Club’s admirable activities and had made it a duty for me to visit and congratulate the club. That visit has fallen on this day and hereby I record my tribute and congratulations." 03.05.1918, Army Commander Mustafa Kemal Atatürk A Legend: Şükrü Saracoğlu Mehmet Şükrü Saracoğlu was a politician and was to be the fifth Prime Minister of Turkey. He was born in 1887 at Odemis. Saracoglu progressed as being a teacher before graduating from foreign faculties. Saracoğlu also became the Minister of Education in 1924. Saracoglu was successful at every area even in politics and was a precious statesman in Turkey. He was also a keen Fenerbahçe supporter and was the president of the club from 1934 to 1950. This made him the longest serving Fenerbahçe president. In 1953, three years after retiring from politics, he sadly died in Istanbul on 27th of December.

Fenerbahçe is a multi-sports club and competes in football, basketball, volleyball, athletics, swimming, sailing, rowing, boxing and table tennis with many major honours won in each.

The Stadium The Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium is rapidly becoming one of Europe’s elite football arenas. Aziz Yıldırım’s huge investments in top quality facilities since his election as President have been much admired by players and fans alike. The Social Venue Located next to the club’s headquarters, the Faruk Ilgaz Social Facilities is the new venue for the club’s gatherings. Was initially opened 15 May 1969 but Aziz Yıldırım rebuilt a modern complex and opened on 21 January 2004. The Training Complex The construction for this top quality training complex began in 1997 during Ali Şen’s presidency. The construction was completed in the year 2000. The Club Headquarters Located at Fenerbahçe Island. Re-opened 24 April 1996. The Dereağzı Metin Aşık Camp Facilities Training facilities located at Dereağzı, re-opened in 1989. The Youth Football Centre Built in 1999, serves the youth ranks of the football branch. The Sports Hall Munir Nurettin Selcuk Road Kiziltoprak. Refurbished 24 February.2001. First opened in 1982. Serves the basketball and volleyball branches. The Fikirtepe Facilities Yumurtacı Abdi Bey Road, Kadıköy. Opened 1 July 1998. Serves youth football development. The College Uslu Road Yunus Way No.1 Kayışdağı. Opened 30 January 1995. The Swimming Pool The Vefa Küçük Swimming Pool was opened on 16 July 1999.

Fenerbahçe has a huge leading profile over other clubs concerning trophies. Fenerbahçe Spor Kulübü has won many trophies at the currently active branches and at some other branches which have been discontinued. During the Turkish War of Independence, Fenerbahçe played with many teams of the enemy and injected morale to the Turkish people by winning those games. Fenerbahçe Spor Kulübü’s football team has many records which are still not broken. Yet the success is not limited only with the football team. At the Olympics, the first gold medal was won by a Fenerbahçe athlete, Ruhi Sarialp, in a field other than wrestling. In athletics, the only club that wins the European Championship is Fenerbahçe. Football championships Fenerbahçe has won football cups more than any other teams in Turkey. Since the day it was formed, Fenerbahçe has won a total of 125 trophies. The Turkish Super League (formerly named as the "Turkish First Division") had been won by Fenerbahçe 16 times, once more than Galatasaray. Amongst the trophies, 16 of them is for the Istanbul League Championships, 12 is for the Turkish Sports Writer’s Championships, 6 of them for National League,4 is for Istanbul Shields, 3 for Turkish Football Championships, and 1 Spor-Toto Cup, 4 Armory Cups, 8 Prime Minister Cups, 4 Turkish Cups, 2 Ataturk Cups and 6 President Cups.

Seyrantepe Outlet Fenerium

Hürriyet Mah. Fatih Cad. No:31 Otosanayi Sitesi, 4.Levent

0 212 270 18 27

Ülker Arena Fenerium

Barbaros Mah. Dereboyu Cad. Batı Ataşehir - Fenerbahçe Ülker Arena Uluslararası Spor Kompleksi, Ataşehir

0 216 687 24 84

Kadir Has AVM Fenerium

Mehmetçik Sk. Kadir Has Alışveriş Merkezi No:1/60, Bahçelievler

0 212 442 78 28

Bakırköy Fenerium

Zeytinlik Mahallesi Ebuziya cad. No: 72/C, Bakırköy

0 212 570 19 07

Üstün Pasajı Fenerium

İstasyon Cad. Üstün Pasajı No:15, Bakırköy

0 212 466 52 53

Marmara Forum AVM

Osmaniye Mahallesi Ekrem Kurt Bulvarı E-5 Dahil Yolu Üzeri S-175, Bakırköy

0 212 466 61 84

Forum İstanbul Fenerium

Kocatepe Mahallesi, Paşa Caddesi, Forum İstanbul Alışveriş Merkezi, Bayrampaşa

0 212 640 74 76

Bostancı Outlet Fenerium

Şemsettin Günaltay Cad. No 41/A Şenesenevler, Bostancı

0 216 361 19 07

Marmara Park AVM Fenerium

Güzelyurt Mahallesi, 1. Cadde, No:33A – Kat :5 – Mağaza No: 546, Esenyurt

0 212 853 13 80

Torium AVM

Esenyurt Köyü Saadetdere Mahallesi 168. Sokak Mağaza No D-191 Torium AVM, Esenyurt

0 212 596 50 56

Akmerkez AVM Fenerium

Nispetiye Cad. Akmerkez Alışveriş Merkezi Alt Kat No:181, Etiler

0212 282 19 07

Vialand Fenerium

Yeşilpınar Mah. Girne Cad. Vialand AVM Zemin Kat Mağaza No:1 ZK86, Eyüp

0 212 777 98 51

Güneşli Fenerium

Evren Mah. Gülbahar Cad. No:2/E, Güneşli

0 212 630 46 48

Kale Center AVM

Güven Mah. Eski Londra Asfaltı Mehmet Akif Kavşağı No:89, Güngören

0 212 557 19 07

İçerenköy Outlet Fenerium

Kayışdağı Cad. No 139 2/4, İçerenköy

0 216 574 48 16

Faruk Ilgaz Sosyal Tesisleri

Fenerbahçe Faruk Ilgaz Sosyal Tesisleri Fenerbahçe Burnu, Kadıköy

0 216 330 18 26

Göztepe Fenerium

Fahrettin Kerim Gökay Cad. Tuğbay Apt. 158 / A, Kadıköy

0 216 565 19 07

TIR Fenerium Kiğılı

0 551 204 03 87

TIR Fenerium

0 551 204 03 86

Fenerium Alt

Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadyumu Fenerıum Tribünü Altı, Kadıköy

0 216 542 17 22

Dereağzı Fenerium

Fenerbahçe Spor Kulübü Dereağzı Tesisleri, Kadıköy

0 216 418 77 87

Maraton Fenerium

Bağdat Cad. Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadyumu Maraton Tribün Altı, Kadıköy

0 216 542 17 09

TIR Fenerium Universal Kanarya

0 551 207 09 75

Kartal Fenerium

Yukarı Mah. Atatürk Bulvarı Akçay İş Merkezi No:3/6, Kartal

0 216 473 55 62

Sabiha Gökçen Fenerium

Sabiha Gökçen Yeni İç Hatlar Terminal Binası, Kurtköy

0 216 588 51 40 / 41

Küçükyalı Fenerium

Çınar Mh. Emek Sk. No:2/2, Küçükyalı

0 216 489 40 50

Metrocity AVM Fenerium

1.Levent Metrocity AVM No:1/6

T: +90 212 344 17 07

Maltepe Fenerium

Maltepe Carrefour Alışveriş Merkezi

0 216 515 16 70

Neomarin Fenerium

Kaynarca Mahallesi E5 Karayolu Üzeri Tershane Kavşağı Elka SK. Zemin Kat No:ZK-G07B, Pendik

0 216 670 10 34

Pendik Fenerium

Batı Mah. Ortanca Sok. No:17/B, Pendik

T: +90 216 354 10 53

Sirkeci Fenerium

Hobyar Mah. Büyük Postane Cad. No:36/5, Sirkeci

0 212 512 17 17

Suadiye Fenerium

Bağdat Cad. Büyükhanlılar Apt. A Blok No:493, Suadiye

0 216 658 67 30/31/32

Şirinevler Fenerium

Londra Asvaltı, Zafer Mah. No:38, Şirinevler

0 212 552 67 81

Cevahir AVM Fenerium

Meşturiyet Mah. Büyükdere Cad No:22 Şişli Kültür Ve Ticaret Merkezi Mağaza:271, Şişli

0 212 380 19 07

Ümraniye Outlet Fenerium

Sütçü İmam Cad. No: 141, Ümraniye

0 216 461 19 07

Optimum Outlet Fenerium

Yeni Sahra Optimum AVM Kat 2, Yeni Sahra

0 216 664 15 10

Star City AVM Fenerium

Köyaltı Mevkii Merkez Mah. Değirmenbahçe Cad. Kavak Sok. 1-14 Starcity Outler AVM, Yenibosna

0 212 603 46 36

Olivium AVM Fenerium

Prof.Muammer Aksoy Cad. No:1/1 Olivium Alışveriş Merkezi Mağaza No:19, Zeytinburnu

0 212 510 93 51

Club Name
Fenerbahçe Spor Kulübü
Date of Foundation
Yellow and Navy
Foundation Title
Fenerbahçe Spor Kulübü
First President
Nurizade Ziya Songülen
First Championship

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