Theatre Halls and Opera Houses

Muhsin Ertuğrul Theatre Hall which is located on Harbiye/şişli, is designed as a classical picture-frame stage and accepted as symbol of city.

Harbiye Muhsin Ertuğrul Sahnesi

Located in Harbiye, connected to Sisli district, Harbiye Muhsin Ertugrul is a stage that was designed in classic frame layout, and is considered one of the symbols of the district. Muhsin Ertugrul Stage, belonging to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Theatres is named after theatre actor, director, producer Muhsin Ertugrul who is considered to be founder of the Westernized Turkish Theatre. With a seat capacity of 598, this stage is one of the most recognized theatres in Istanbul that comes to mind when you think of Theatre.

Şişli Harbiye Mah. Gümüş Cad. No:3 Şişli
0090 212 455 39 19


İkinci Kat Karaköy

Ikinci Kat (Second Floor) which was founded at Olivia Han in Galatasaray in 2010, continues its life on a new stage in Karakoy. Ikinci Kat which is a favoured theatre by independent- theatregoers with respect to its projects that bring a fresh breath to the younger generation theatre and performances and it is also host to a variety of theatre performance artists and social responsibility projects. Converted from an old three-storey workshop, stage Black box has a seating capacity between 120 and 150.

Emekyemez Mah. Sarı Zeybek Sok. Demirci Fettah Çıkmazı No:2 Kat: 2 Karaköy
0090 544 527 25 69


Tiyatro Karnaval, Gönül Ülkü-Gazanfer Özcan Sahnesi

Tiyatro Karnaval, Gonul Ulku-Gazanfer Ozcan Stage which is located in Mecidiyekoy, welcomes theatregoers with its renewed auditorium and foyer. The theatre offers easy transportation and also embraces eager theatre disciples, in cooperation with drama school.

Ortaklar Cad. Bahçeler Sok. 20 Efe Han/ Mecidiyeköy
0090 212 347 44 80


Ortaköy Afife Jale Sahnesi

Restored by the Municipality of Besiktas, Ortakoy Afife Jale Stage which opened its doors for theatre lovers again in 2008 is located in Ortakoy. The theatre which is named after Turkey’s first female artist Afife Jale hall comes with a seating capacity of 220 people. The Afife Jale Stage is also host to shows and concerts.

Mecidiye Mah. Dereboyu Cad. No:12 Ortaköy/ Beşiktaş
0090 212 260 02 16


Ses Tiyatrosu

With its velvet chairs, inlaid ceilings and stylish theatre boxes, unlike any other Theatre scene the Ses Tiyatrosu Stage was built by architect Campanaki in 1885. The 128-year-old Theatre building has served as a theatre stage for a long time, and as a movie theatre for another short period. Ses Tiyatrosu stage was converted back into a theatre in 1989 by Ferhan Sensoy and besides the plays of Ortaoyuncular Tiyatrosu, the theatre is also used as a stage for occasional activities such as concerts. Being one of the world’s eight specimen by presenting the Hunkar locasi (the sultan’s theatre box) the Ses Tiyatrosu stage is a spectacular structure.

Kuloğlu Mah. İstiklal Cad. Halep İşhanı No:140 Beyoğlu
0090 212 251 18 65


Devlet Tiyatroları Üsküdar Tekel Sahnesi (State Theatre Üsküdar Tekel Theatre Hall)

State Theatre Uskudar Tekel Stage, which was substituted on the old Tekel depot, holds its exceptional feature by possessing one of the best sceneries among theatres in Istanbul. It is easy to transport to the Tekel Stage which also grabs attention with its historical background. The stage which is within walking distance of the Uskudar Pier harbours two halls.

Paşa Limanı No : 66 Üsküdar  (Tekel Müzesi ve Kültür Merkezi)
0090 216 532 02 03


Moda Sahnesi 

Established in 1969 in Kadikoy under the name of Kafkas Sinemasi (Caucasus Cinema), Moda Sahnesi (Moda Stage) has carried on as Moda Cinema and made it to this day following the construction in 2013 as today’s Moda Sahne (Moda Stage). The Moda Stage which consists of three auditoriums which vary in size and function, is host to various workshops, conferences and independent films with a film theatre that has a seating capacity of 54 people. Alongside great plays, there are also workshops for children’s plays carried out for minor theatregoers.

Caferağa Mah. General Asım Gündüz Cad.(Bahariye Cad.) Halil Etham Sok. No: 34/27 Kadıköy
0090 216 330 58 00



Located in Santralistanbul which is built on the area in Silahtar where Kagithane and Alibeykoy rivers intersect on Halic, Krek has performed its plays in various venues in Istanbul between the years 2000 and and 2010. They have been able to establish their own stage in 2010 following the makeover of Galeri 1 which is a historical depot which is located in Santralistanbul. The Krek stage which presents their plays to the audience with a unique stage design that exceeds the ordinary sight and audibility, hosts special acitivitesi such as concerts, workshops and exhibitions.

Santralistanbul Eski Silahtaraga Elektrik Santrali Kazım Karabekir Cad. No: 2/24
Krek (Galeri 1, Sarı Bina) Eyüp

0090 212 311 7824


Beşiktaş Kültür Merkezi (Beşiktaş Cultural Center)

Besiktas Cultural Center which has been serving cultural activities since 1994, has been host to several plays, including solo plays. The BKM theatre which draws attention with plays that bring an innovative point of view to theatre also presents various children’s plays each year in an auditorium with a seating capacity of 700.

Has Fırın Cad. No: 75  Beşiktaş
0090 212 236 18 18


Ali Paşa Hanı

Ali Pasa Hani which is a family heirloom which resides in Eminonu, is not quite your ordinary theatre stage. The publichouse which was built during the 18th century has been converted into a theatre by the stage actor Genco Erkal. The public house which is functionalized in accordance with its original use, yet still is up-to-date, in compliance with modern city life, hosts plays of the company named Dostlar Tiyatrosu. The two story Ali Pasa Hani is a must-see attraction which resides on an oblique peristyle framed by drop arches located in Eminonu.

Yorgancılar Cad. No: 65, Küçükpazar/ Eminönü


Opera Houses

Süreyya Opera House

The Sureyya House, being one of the most beautiful structures of Kadikoy, which was designed and built by Sureyya İlmen Pasa as an opera house, has once more started functioning as an opera house in 2007 long years after being used as a movie theater.

The foyer of the Sureyya House which dates from 1924, appears similar to the Champs Elysee Theatre, and its interior has been modelled on German theatre buildings. Recognized as one of Kadıkoy’s most exceptional structures, the Sureyya Opera House after being used as a movie theatre between the years 1927 and 1950 was donated to the Darussafaka Union on condition that it would be used only for cultural services. The poorly maintained building has been conserved and has gone under refurbishment to once again be brought into service as an opera house as recently as 2007. From couches to its carpets, chandeliers to lighting the entirely redesigned opera hall is one of the most worthwhile buildings.

Bahariye Cad. Caferağa Mah. No:29  Kadıköy
0090 216 346 15 31


İstanbul Beşiktaş Fulya Sanat

Istanbul Besiktas Fulya Sanat, which was built for the purpose of being one of the art and culture venues, is the host to concerts and performances of the Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra and İstanbul State Opera and Ballet.

Opened in 2010, İstanbul Besiktas Fulya Sanat’s auditorium, with a seating capacity of 630, presents the infrastructure enough to host an orchestra consisting of 100 musicians. The auditorium which was designed in consideration of any kind of concert, holds every sort of sound and lighting system which could be required in stock.

Hakkı Yeten Cad. No:10 Dikilitaş
0090 212 215 60 37

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