Tulip Time in Istanbul

The 13th edition of the International Istanbul Tulip Festival will take place from April 1–30, 2018.

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The Tulip Festival will take place from April 1–30, 2018. The International Istanbul Tulip Festival, which was organized by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which is one of the important symbols of Istanbul and a part of Turkish culture, began in 2005 under the slogans “The most beautiful tulip grows in Istanbul” and “Istanbul Meets its Tulip!”. Events will be held around the city this year as part of the International Istanbul Tulip Festival.

While the city of Istanbul and the people of Istanbul meet their tulips, the main exhibitions and festivities will take place at Taksim Square, Emirgan Woods, Göztepe Rose Garden, Büyük Çamlıca Woods, Sultanahmet Square, and Gülhane Park during the Tulip Festival. In addition to selling tulip-themed products ranging from marblings to sculptures, there are also paintings, photo exhibitions, and concerts on exposition.

The tulip has become a symbol of the city of Istanbul since the period of Seljuk Turks up until our present time and it has become worthy of aesthetic admiration in every part of the society and has affiliated with the Turkish Culture with these works, returned back to its original motherland.

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