A Comparative Tour on Turkish Culinary Experiences

Featuring Street Food, Top-Notch Restaurants, Cooking Class, History & Origins

3 days, Unique Experience in Istanbul

Wherelse in the world can you have breakfast in Asia, lunch in Europe? And for dinner? Maybe in between… All in one city, in one day… You can do that on this unique tour In Istanbul!

Turkey is far beyond being a “kebab republic” and Istanbul has the proof all around. On each of the 3 days this tour covers, a different feature is covered: 1. Street Food 2. Hands on: Recipes and Cooking 3. The history and the best restaurants

Start exploring the tastes of Istanbul in the streets walking through the bustling district of the city checking out the artistic 19th century building facades. Step into the back streets for a stroll in the regional market where all kinds of fresh produce, seafood, pickles and more are on display. Grab a simit (sesame covered bread). Discover the fish market with dozens of fresh fish varieties, calamari, crayfish and seafood of all kinds while walking among cheerful faces and friendly seagulls. Walk on the Galata Bridge and enjoy watching the amateur fishermen. Taste some fish & bread, cooked and sold on traditional Ottoman boats. While in the Spice Market or right outside of it, taste lokum, “Turkish delight” which comes in evey imaginable flavor you can imagine. Try some street cart food & drinks: depending on the season, fresh fruit juices, corn on the cob, chestnuts, cucumbers, watermelon, stuffed or fried mussels…

On the 2nd day, following a start in the tempting local markets in search of the fresh local ingredients, proceed for the hands on cooking experience at the designated kitchen. Learning genuine and traditional Turkish recipes while preparing and cooking them is one of the best memories to take home. And of course, a tasting session at the end will follow…

The last day of the tour will provide a chance to learn about the history and the origins of the Turkish home and palace cuisine from an expert on the field. Turks originated in Central Asia and lived nomadic for centuries which reflects to the cuisine even today. Following their migration into Anatolia, they intermingled with several civilizations forming the Ottoman Empire eventually. Once the empire was established and grew to be one of the greatest in the world, the palace kitchens became almost an artists’ atelier as creativity in cooking to the taste of the sultans was enforced. Enjoy some of the best restaurants the city has to offer, serving a cornucopia of culinary delights; from original Ottoman recipes to nouvelle cuisine adaptations…

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