Vodafone 38th Istanbul Marathon

38th Intercontinental İstanbul Eurasia Marathon starts at 09.00 am on Sunday, November 13, 2016.


A city so unique in its history and geography such as Istanbul, well deserves unique events and projects just like the Euroasia marathon, the one and only experience of running from Asia to Europe, through the Bosphorus bridge, with a breath taking view of the sea and the city.

The Eurasia Marathon went from proposal to reality in 1978. The officials were informed that a group of German tourists who ran marathons in the countries they visited, were planning a trip to Istanbul the following year. This was the impetus needed to finally realize the Eurasia Marathon project. Preparations were completed and the marathon racers, 34 of them from the 74 person tourist group, gathered at a point 700 meters behind the Bosphorous Bridge to start the race on that historical day. The first winner of Eurasia Marathon was Hasan Saylan, a Turkish athlete from the city of Zonguldak, with a time of 2:35:39.

38th Intercontinental İstanbul Eurasia Marathon starts at 09.00 am on Sunday, November 13, 2016.

Time Limit:
5 hours 30 minutes. The traffic opens at 14.30. After that time, the participants who are still on the course will be asked to continue running on the sidewalks.

For more information, www.istanbulmarathon.org


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