Koska Helvacısı (Mahir Gıda)

Foundation Date: 1907

Founder: Hacı Adil Dinar

History: The history of Koska reaches back to the early 1900s when Hacı Emin Bey ran a halva shop in Denizli. Then, Adil Efendi from Denizli opened the “Şekerci Adil” confectionary shop in Kula, Manisa. He married in the same place and moved to İstanbul in 1930. He opened a small shop in a neighborhood that was called Koska, between Laleli and Beyazıt. The shop that produced halva and confectionery was under an Ottoman building complex called Simkeşhane-i Hümayun (Imperial Passementerie Ateliers) that used to produce the necessary decorative elements for the army uniforms; now the place is a university library. 

The company is now run by the third generation member Mahir Dindar and his sons Fazıl and Adil Dindar. 

We have integrated all technological possibilities in our production line in line with our vision of constantly renewing ourselves and our company, but we have never given up some of our traditional methods in the name of protecting our past. The result is a delicious journey from the past to the present which involves a harmony and blend of the latest technology that helps the preservation of the traditional taste and the endless experience of our chefs. The reason of the fact that Koska is the leading company in the sector is that we always concentrate on innovation and carrying the past to the future without making any concessions about our quality, while keeping customer satisfaction at the highest possible level. This is the key factor of being a century-old brand and it is what makes us special. Furthermore, the proof of our quality and food safety are the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP, GHP, BRC, Best Company and Halal certificates of Koska. 

While still being an innovation seeking family-run company, Koska transferred the operational responsibility and authority positions to professionals and as a result it has extended its product range in accordance with the consumer demands. Treating our employees as family members is the reason Koska was able to be in the leading position al through its history. 

We, as Koska Mahir Inc., believe that we can state this proudly: There is not a second company that can produce this many products under its product range in the world, in our sector. We are producing and retailing over 2000 different products in our 30 retail stores, in duty free shops, in our distributors and markets in Turkey and abroad. Main product categories of Koska can be listed as halva, sesame oil, molasses, preserves, croquants, all types of confectionary, almond paste, cookie varieties, baklava and other traditional desserts, Turkish coffee and cake varieties. Our company philosophy is to offer good quality products with reasonable prices to our customers.

Directions: Chainstores (Avcılar, Bağcılar, Bağcılar meydan, Bahçelievler, Beyoğlu, Çarşıkapı, Eminönü, Fabrika, Fatih, GOP Mağazası Bereç, Güngören Kale Mağazası, Halkalı, İkitelli, Kağıthane, Karaköy, Kurtuluş, Küçükçekmece, Otogar, Ramada, Sfaköy, Special, Tünel, Ümraniye, Adapazarı, Zeytinburnu, Esenyurt, Mimaroba, Sirkeci, Şirinevler

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Famous for: Sesame oil, molasses, preserves, Turkish delights, diabetic products, honey, special cakes.

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Metro Sok. No:45 Tozkoparan, Güngören, İstanbul
(0212) 481 54 61