Tevfik Aydın

Foundation Date: 1889

Founder: Hacı Mehmet Nuri

History: Tevfik Aydın Watches Inc. has been operating in the sector for the last three generations of the Aydın family and has been proudly serving its customers since 1889.

As customers we all love shopping from places that make us feel satisfied. Tevfik Aydın Company has always given special importance to approaching its customers as their private watchmaker and dealer. We have always preferred to see our customers enjoying the watches they buy and share the excitement and curiosity while they are buying a new watch, rather than just “selling” watches to them. With that in mind, we always care for offering a reliable basis that helps our customers to easily find the watches they are looking for and those that fit their taste in a good atmosphere.

The founder of the company, Hacı Mehmet Nuri, developed an interest in watchmaking while he was working as an investigating judge in Trabzon and started his business in 1889. Tevfik Aydın, his son, who opened the shop every day before going to school and slowly learned a great deal about the profession in time, opened his own shop in Eminönü, İstanbul in 1940. Nine years later, he started selling the watches he got produced in Switzerland under the model names Tefay (after his name and surname) and Nidya (“Aydın” written backwards). He also represented Philips Radio and Television Company in Eminönü as the first and only dealer. He was the person who introduced the black and white TV to the population of İstanbul, by arranging a TV watching session in Eminönü square for the first time. A connoisseur of his profession, Tevfik Aydın was the founder of the Turkish Opticians Association and one of the first members of the watchmaking and selling committee under İstanbul Chamber of Commerce.

Tevfik Aydın had other significant successes and enterprises as well. He was one of the founding members and board members of İstanbul Bank and Kartonsan Inc.; a member of the board of trustees in Esnaf Hospital.

After Tevfik Aydın died in 2007, Ömer Aydın took over the business as he had already been working with his father since 1991, together with his wife Melahat Aydın. They were later joined by their daughter Canan Önder, thus reaching the fourth generation of the family in the business.

Among our customers, there have been people who visited us just in order to refresh their memories by coming to the shop they had visited years ago with their grandfather; those who framed the age-old Tevfik Aydın invoice they had inherited from their aunts and those who brought us their good-as-new watches which they had been using for 50 years as a present to the company. Ömer Fatih Aydın, the current chairman of the board concludes that: “Seeing that we are one of the most trusted companies in this sector which has a prominent place in people’s memories, always reminds us that we are in the right direction. We have been struggling to satisfy the demands of our customers and adapt to the changing conditions by preserving our values for the last 124 years.”

Today we are deservedly proud to be the only brand in our sector among the founding members of the Centennial Brands Association, with our branches in Sirkeci and Kanyon, and our web page that displays our watch and pen collection (www.tevfikaydin.com) and our blog where we share our experience of more than a hundred years. 

Images: www.tevfikaydin.com/tarihce

Famous for: Watches, pens and accessories.


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