Vefa Bozacısı

Foundation Date: 1876

Founder: Hacı Sadık Bey

History:  The honor of the successful accomplishments of 130 years, Vefa Bozacısı, keeps up with all the innovations and new ventures, progressively still, in the new millennium, meeting the demands of the clients and customers, in accordance with their good palate for fine products. 

In the year 1870 Hacı Sadık Bey immigrated from Albania to Istanbul, and settled in a very selective district of the city, Vefa, where mostly aristocratic families, and members close to the Sultan’s Palace had their private houses and residences. Hacı Sadık Bey, then, closely observed that nearly 200 citizens of Armenian origin were in charge of making and selling boza, which at that period was produced with a sour tart flavor and was rather juicy with light consistency. In this very selective residential district of Istanbul, Vefa, he started to make Vefa Boza of a different flavor and taste, with thick consistency and having a less sour taste, just as it is flavored and enjoyed today. In September, 1876, he registered the tradition of boza making both as a profession and a trademark with the brand name, the Vefa Bozacısı. 

Hacı Sadık Bey, for many years, produced this delicious Turkish drink, so much liked and preferred by the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire and by those close to the palace, all by himself, in order to preserve the very special consistency and taste of the beverage that has been favored by all the celebrities of the time and members of high society. He also trained his son, Ismail Hakki Vefa, to asisst him with the production of this traditional drink. Ismail Hakki Vefa, while continuing his studies at the Faculty of Literature of Istanbul University, in collaboration with one his relatives, who worked at the Golden Horn Dockyard, at the maritime arsenal, and was in charge of mechanical equipment, started to produce certain special devices to be used for the production of boza. Meanwhile, Ismail Hakki Vefa, developed and thereby increased the production of balsamic vinegar, which has then become another branch of the business.

Today, in the historically traditional boza shop, where the nostalgic echo of the past lingers on, boza is the favorite beverage of the period between April and October, whereas starting from October till April of the following year, it leaves its throne, just for a short while, to Shira, the special juice produced from raisins, as well as ice creams and lemonade. 

While this very special drink has come up to the present day with all the efforts and hard work of all the family members, the company continues to enlarge and develop its product spectrum by increasing the range of its production with the addition of balsamic vinegar, pomegranate pulp and lemon sauce.

As the fourth generation in charge of all the operations, the company has founded a modern establishment equipped with the highest technological devices and systems, located quite near the city of Istanbul, in the province of Çorlu. The company is proud to serve its clients and customers with the latest modern technology to achieve their goal, which is to increase the production, publicity and marketing of boza and thus carry on the fame of this delicious beverage to all the corners of the world.  

Famous for: Boza, balsamic vinegar, pomegranate pulp and lemon sauce. 

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