Cultural Interactions Point

Established by Şerif Yenen in order to create a tourism platform for people to get to know and understand each other while gaining as much information as possible about other cultures, and to enhance cross-cultural communication, to break down prejudices, to correct misinformation, and to familiarize guests with the local culture, Cultural Interactions Point welcomes visitors for different organizations.

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Soğancı Sok. 3/3 Cihangir Palas
Cihangir, Beyoğlu

Phone 00 90 212 249 3670

C.I.P’s organizations aim to introduce traditional Turkish Arts, Turkish Music, and almost every aspect of Turkish culture to visitors by masters and lecturers, and thus to maintain our cultural heritage through a wide variety of activities such as courses of Turkish art of marbling, calligraphy, illumination, miniature, playing end-blown flute “ney”, book binding, archery, belly dance, whirling and conversations with whirling dervishes, cooking classes, film screenings, small concerts, coffee cup reading classes.
In addition, Cultural Interactions Point plans to offer dinners to guests in authentic Turkish homes far from dry professionalism. People from different cultures will come together in a natural atmosphere without knowing each other and learn about cultural differences by asking questions freely, which, in turn, may even lead to new friendships lasting for decades.

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