Laleli Fashion Shopping Festival

In Lale every avenue and street is full of different stores and there are around 7,000 businesses found in the district. From accessories to women’s clothing, kids clothes to sporting good stores, you can find any kind of clothing item here with many of the businesses selling at wholesale rates.

The district of Laleli is home to around 7,000 businesses and every street and avenue is lined with shops. From accessories to women’s fashion and children’s clothing, to sporting goods,  there is a wide range of apparel for any taste. Many of the businesses specialize in wholesale. Laleli is also full of cafes, restaurants and hotels and is bustling with activity almost all hours of the day. These features made Laleli the ideal location for the Laleli Fashion Shopping Festival which first took place in 2012 and transformed the neighborhood into one large shopping mall.

The recent road and sidewalk repairs undertaken by  LASİAD in partnership with the Fatih Municipality have brought new life to Laleli and the Historical Peninsula. The Shopping Festival, which is directed at both domestic and foreign wholesalers, attracts guests from the Russian Federation, Ukraine, CIS countries, the Turkic Republics and Europe, who come for the festival’s diversity as much as its discounted prices.

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Buying Selling
USD 32.5 32.5586
EURO 34.6207 34.683