A sweet alternative of Istanbul for a day: Bursa

An old mosque’s courtyard in Bursa,
The shivering water in the old fountain,
A plane tree and a rampart old as millennium,
Accompanies thou on a calm day.
With the misery of leaving a dream behind,
It smiles at me deeply.
From the chill of hundreds of fountains,
With the green of meadow and blue of the sky,
And the divinest of the architecture”

As an introduction, we would like to start with a poem describing Bursa devastatingly by Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar, noted poet and novelist of Turkish literature.

After meeting with our professional tourist guide at 7.30 am, our tour will start. We will be provided a Mercedes from our vehicle fleet.

After passing The Bosphorous within 1 hour and 15 minutes, we will arrive Yalova after a 45 minute sea journey by ferry from the west coast of the Marmara Sea.

The second part of our journey will take place in the center of City of Bursa. We will arrive there after an hour. We will pass through Orhangazi and Gemlik which are districts of Bursa.

After arriving in Bursa, we will drive a famous mountain Uludağ ,2.543metres, which is worth seeing in every season of the year. We will visit the ski center of Uludağ.It is one of the most popular ski centers of Turkey and full of green areas in summer.

Then, we will have our lunch in the best restaurant of the region and heading back to the center of Bursa City.

When we go back to the city center, we are going to visit the following places:

One of the most prominent architectural structure of The OttomanEmpire:
Ulu Mosque.

Kozahan: It has been one the most important centers of silkworm breeding throughout the history.

An Ottoman Legacy that would an unforgettable experience for you to see with its beautiful turquoise faience mosaic on the exterior: Yeşil Türbe (a.k.a Green Tomb).

You will experience a huge and encyclopedic period starting from the first years of Ottoman Empire to the early years of the Turkish Republic. You will be able to discover the lifestyle, cuisine and many other features of Bursa.

Especially it is worth to see the waxworks and the historical animations in the Bursa City Museum.

After these tours,

We are going to visit the historical Covered Bazaar where you can find all you need in one place and we will spend one hour there.

Eventually, we will be driving you back to Istanbul while you are resting after the day’s exhaustion.

All tours have been posted by TURSAB(Turkish Society of Travel Agencies) licensed travel agencies and tour operators who have replied to the formal TURSAB call of 08.07.2013 for publishing their tours on this website.

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