VIALAND offers entertainment for all ages and taste! Designed for changing your concept of entertainment, VIALAND gathers round all types of entertainment under a single roof.

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Yeşilpınar Mahallesi Girne Caddesi 34065 / Eyüp İstanbul

Visiting Hours

11:00 – 20:00 Weekdays
11:00 – 22:00 Weekends

Phone +90 212 444 8563

Vialand offers entertainment for all ages and taste! Designed for changing your concept of entertainment, Vialand gathers round all types of entertainment under a single roof. Adventure Zone for adrenaline addicts, Play Zone for kids, History Zone for those who would like to time travel and Shopping Zone for shopping addicts are waiting for their visitors.

Drop Tower/ Adalet Kulesi
Take a different look at Vialand. If you’d like to have a rather high-up perspective of Vialand, you can take your place at the Drop Tower and enjoy being 50 meters up in the air.

Old Istanbul Street/ Bir Zamanlar İstanbul
You don’t need a time machine to travel to the past.
As soon as you enter this street you’ll find yourself amongst the old houses, fountains, stylish architecture and stores of old Istanbul and take a magical trip to the past amongst these unrivaled visuals.

Swinger / Saray Salıncağı
Adrenaline worthy of Sultans
This swing is a little different than what you might know! With a 40 person capacity and 20 meters diameter ring this swing takes thrills to the max in the garden of the Ottoman Palace!

Family Coaster / Maceraperest
You don’t need to go to Africa for a safari thrill anymore!
This is a real safari experience! “Maceraperest” rising up to 22 meters with speed of 80 km per second is adored in the whole world. An open-air exciting tour awaits you.

Splash Coaster / Viking
Vialand invaded by Vikings! If you’re a fan of water coaster “Viking”, the 4th most popular fun ride boat of the world, will be your favorite. A wonderful and unexpected drop from 15 meters and 10 meters adrenaline going through the roof.

360 / 360
Fun requires courage!
True adrenaline enthusiasts are turning their courage into fun times with how does VIALAND look from 28 meters high and upside down? Never know ‘til you try.

Crazy River / Çılgın Nehir
Let yourself go with the adventurous flow. In the middle of a wildly cascading waterfall, an adventure that will last for 500 meters! An unforgettable journey in 9 person boats awaits you in the Crazy River.

King Kong / King Kong
Hollywood legend in Istanbul!
A legend that extends all the way to Istanbul from Hollywood. King Kong is at Vialand! 15 meters above the ground screams and laughter mingle! If you’re older than 5 and ready for this thrill, repeat after us: “Who’s afraid of the giant gorilla”

Safari Tunnel / Safari Tüneli
Be a hero, not just an audience!An adventure in the dark! 500 people will enter the Safari Tunnel every hour, but you are the hero of this adventure. You won’t just travel and observe, but also change the course of the story. Be prepared for any surprises that you might face!

5D Cinema / Hayal Perdesi
Live the film of your choice!
For those who prefer to be inside the film to simply watching, Vialand presents the 5D Movie Theater! The more realistic it gets, the more thrilling it is!

Jet Ski
Who said “Children can’t Jet Ski?”
VIALAND makes it possible to Jet Ski in the middle of the city. Children, hold on tight to the wheel!

Dungeon / Zindan
A scary amount of fun
The dungeon opens its gates to those who dare challenge fear. Would you like to see what awaits you in the depths and dark corners of the tunnel?

Main Coaster/ Nefeskesen (Coming Soon)
The most popular Roller Coaster in the world arrives in Vialand! Everyone in every corner of the world gets in line for a ride! With its speed reaching to 110 km in 3 seconds, relax and enjoy Nefeskesen inviting you to a real experience of amusement! Screaming is allowed.

Fatih Dark Ride / Fatih’in Rüyası (Coming Soon)
Reconquer Istanbul
How awesome would it be to witness the conquest of Istanbul? Don’t let us tell – experience it yourself. Just say “to 1453 please” and Fatih Dark Ride will take you back to the day Istanbul was conquered.

Shopping Center
Shopping on the Street of Europe…
Shop in style at the Vialand Shopping streets. One of the Istanbul’s largest retail complex which includes word famous brands.
Treat yourself to a day of extreme shopping at Vialand Shopping Streets.
The grove is your ultimate destination from your favorite boutiques and restaurants. Indulge yourself in a shopping spree with over 250 top brand name stores and restaurants and coffee shops.



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