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Armaggan Nuruosmaniye Store, 5th Floor Nuruosmaniye Street No: 41 Nuruosmaniye

Visiting Hours

Daily except Sundays 12:00 – 18.00

Phone 0090 212 522 28 00

NAR Restaurant foremost aim is to preserve a shared heritage that is beginning to disappear for the benefit of present and future generations. NAR Restaurant offers a menu of dishes representing traditional and historical Turkish cuisine, ranging from palace dishes to regional specialities. Since the Turks appeared on the stage of history they have created cultural syntheses that have left their mark on all the regions where they have lived, and the Turkish contribution to cuisine has been wide ranging. In cooperation with its sister organisation NAR Gourmet, which is dedicated to the production of healthy traditional foods, NAR Restaurant uses traditional ingredients from all over Turkey for a cuisine with real flavour. These include olive oil, sour juices, fruit preserves, dried vegetables, fruits, spices, vinegars and pickles prepared by traditional methods without any additives.

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