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As soon as you enter the Istiklal Street, you will start enjoying a little walk down, whilst going at the eye-catching shops.

If your feet lead you to the first right and than the first left, after a 20 metre walk you will see Parsifal on your left, serving since 1996.

Coming across the outer area with 4-5 tables and subsequently, stepping inside the restaurant you will quickly connect to the warm atmosphere and decoration.

The name of the restaurant derives from the famous Opera of Wagner and the tale of Parsifal.

Parsifal, which was awarded Spanish International Leaders Club Award in 2000, has appeared on visual and written press many times. Through cook magazines, Parsifal has delivered numerous recipes to the kitchens. It has specifically developed a menu for visually impaired customers.

The restaurant has a capacity for up to 40 people. There are also tables outside the restaurant on a traffic barred street which is full of other cafes and restaurants.

With it’s wood dominant decoration, paintings on the malls and the trinkets the restaurant gives the impression of a French Cafe.

Whenever you are hungry or rewctant to cook at home, it is almosy possible to find the comfort of your home in Parsifal..

You can find a wide range of alternatives on the Parsifal’s menu such as special soups, delicious starters, vegetarian and vegan dishes, vegetarian creps and rolls, vegetarian grills, meatballs and pastas.

From Parsifal’s meals, which do not normally contain any kind of meat, there are also various delicious options for Vegans. All dishes are light in calorie.

If you refule the corn bread & olive breads served for our customers prior to the meal, you would realise that you have dome something to repret. The breads baked in our owenscome along with olive oil. In considerations of vegans, they are serving brown branny and poppy breads which are also our make.

Excellent and quick service, filling portions, as well as suitable prices are amongts the other things that our restaurant has the offer. Breakfast is served at anytime during the day. Everyday of the week there is a different lunch menu on offer prepared to meet the expectations of working people. The menus consisting of a soup, main meals, salad or a desert cost only 11TL. In addition, a cup of tea is served at the end of the menu.

Whatever choice you make out of the various alternatives available from Vegan and Vegetarian kitchen, it is certan that you will never regret, because all dishes are extremely delicious

Vegetables with special spices and soya souce; Parsifal Gril consisting of hellim cheese and chestnut & oyster mushroom, vegetarian drop special crep containing fresh vegetables, rice and beşamel souce, Grek style aubergine and brocoli agraten come first amongst the must try. Others include meatballs made up of vegetables, mushroom and soya mince, vegetarian crep, vegetarian roll, delicious mushroom quiche and appetizers, although that it is not the full list of the talles available on the menu.

Weat salad which is ideal for healty eating is also as filling and as delicious as other salads. Everyday has a special soup, a taste that is difficult to find even at home. It is impossible not to mention millky puding with ice-cream and fruit or chocolate souce on top as the queen of deserts.

Parsifal is not only a restaurant but a place you can visit at any time during the day for a coffee. As you could try one of our different coffee brands, you could choose to enjoy a herbal tea or on alcoholic drink whilist listening to the music.

For business and special reservations Parsifal also prepares menus based on your requests. Greenpeace and Animal Rights Organisations were amongst the groups which made special day bookings so far.

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