Tevfikiye Camiisi (Tevfikiye Mosque)

Located on the Arnavutköy-Akıntı point, the Tevfikiye Mosque is a work from the late Ottoman period. It was built by Sultan Mahmud II in the name of his son Şehzade Tevfik in 1832 inside of a large garden.

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Arnavutköy Mh., 34345 Beşiktaş

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Located on the Arnavutköy-Akıntı point, the Tevfikiye Mosque is a work from the late Ottoman period. It was built inside a large garden in 1832 by Sultan Mahmud II in honour of his son, Şehzade Tevfik. Two large main doors pass from the qibla toward the courtyard. The two original side-entrances and rear entrance have been covered and painted to resemble the interior. The structure preserves its mihrab and a portion of its sultan’s pavillion (Turkish: hünkar mahfili). The  wooden decorative work on the ceiling has been preserved as well, although it is a different color from the original. The minaret of the mosque was constructed in an independent style and built of cut limestone. The mosque, which draws attention for this stonework, has been restored and attached to the Hünkar Kasrı.

Mosque is a place of worship for Muslims. It comes from the Arabic word 'masjid' which literally means "a place for prostration". Mosques are also places where Muslims come together for different purposes such as education, social gatherings, public meetings, exhibitions, lectures etc. Although there is no specific requirement for mosques in terms of their architecture, one can see some common features inside and outside of many mosques such as minarets, domes, ablution areas, prayer niche (mihrab), pulpit (minbar) and so on.

Muslims are obliged to perform the ritual worship 5 times a day. They are not required to attend a mosque for each of these prayers however in order to interact with the community they are encouraged to pray in congregation. Friday noon is the only time in a week when Muslims must definitely join the congregational prayer in a mosque after which they can continue their work, education or other commitments.

Azan or the call for prayer is a vocal announcement that one can hear from minarets 5 times a day. The call to prayer is made live -even early in the morning- by a person called 'muazzin'. The muazzins are usually chosen from people with loud and beautiful voices and trained over years to make this announcement beautifully and invite people to worship.
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