Turkish Pastırma wrapped mozzarella cheese recipe from Executive Chef Alexis Atlamazoglu, Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus

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1pc buffao mozzarella
2 slices Turkish Pastirami
4 pc cherry tomato
1/2pc tomatillo
1/2pc Çanakkale tomatoes
3pc Yellow cherry tomato
½ pc roman tomato
3 pc seedless kalamata olive
3 pc seedless green olives
Red Basil
Salt and pepper

How to prepare:

Wrap mozzarella with Turkish pastirami and pin them onto mozzarella with a toothpick.
Cut all tomatoes into small chunks and sauté them with garlic ,olives and olive oil.
Cook mozzarella in the pre heated oven for 3 minutes
Place tomatoes on to your plate by mixing some croutons place mozzarella on to mixture take out the toothpick and garnish with basils.

Bon Appétit.

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